Michael H. BakerCIMA®, CFP®, RICP®, RMA

Searching for a financial advisor can be a challenge. Many clients will default to the “financial advisor near me” search in their web browsers. Others will ask a trusted friend or family member. Trying to find someone that you can trust with your financial life is not an easy task. And, with the crazy pace of life, who has time for financial planning anyway?!

My stats: husband, father, entrepreneur, son, brother, friend, and financial advisor. Trust me, I know how it feels to be perpetually busy. Being busy is also the reason I know how important it is to create a financial plan for yourself now. We must be intentional. Life passes so quickly.

You are the hero of your own financial story. Your ideas about wealth creation, investing, cash flow, and retirement income planning may not seem unique. If you consider your personal story, beliefs and goals; things get unique quickly.

That’s a good thing!

One thing I’ve learned from experience is that that there are some complexities and challenges that can present themselves at different phases of our financial journey. Retirees have financial needs and decisions that aren’t present during your working years. Likewise, the planning conversations and processes for young families and entrepreneurs shouldn’t look the same as they do for retirees.

I encourage you to consider what a fulfilling life looks like to you. If you could put yourself on the path to living the life of your dreams, how soon would you want to begin? As soon as possible, right?

My life’s journey has made me passionate about serving families in their financial lives because money has a way of touching everything. Financial stress and unmet financial goals can have a significant impact on couples and their loved ones. Too often, we delay addressing our financial concerns about retirement, paying off debt, funding college, or investing.

If you are someone that wants to take control of your financial future, let’s connect to see if we are a fit. Financial decisions are really life decisions, and I cannot wait to help you plan for the road ahead.

“If I can engage clients in meaningful conversations and educate them about their options, I believe that they will be empowered to make wise financial decisions. My clients are those people who want greater clarity and confidence with their money and their financial goals.

Michael’s Credentials

Michael holds the CFP® mark, which stands for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. The CFP® designation is awarded to professionals who have completed an extensive study program and passed a rigorous board exam. It represents the industry’s gold standard for experience, ethics, and personal financial planning.

Michael also holds the RICP® designation, which is awarded to professionals that have completed the Retirement Income Certified Professional® program, a unique curriculum offered by The American College that specializes in Retirement Income Planning.

In addition to the RICP® designation, Michael has also attained the RMA® certification offered by Investments and Wealth Institute®. The RMA certification is an advanced professional education and certification program for advisors who desire to serve their clients with the most sophisticated retirement management knowledge. Learn More

Lastly, Michael has earned the CIMA® certification, which is also offered by the Investments and Wealth Institute®. The Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) is the international certification for financial advisors and investment consultants and one of the only professional certifications in financial services to meet international accreditation and quality standards. Learn more

In May of 2017, Michael was named the NAIFA Charlotte 2017 Financial Advisor of the Year.

Charlotte Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors granted the 2017 Advisor of the Year award, officially named the Pete Peterson Award. The award is given annually to an individual member for outstanding service and achievement to the association. Qualifications and considerations include: 1) nominee must be a current NAIFA Charlotte member in good standing; 2) service to NAIFA Charlotte must be exemplary; support of the Association’s political, public service, and educational activities is heavily weighted; 3) service to other professional and community organizations; 4) all members are eligible except the President and Immediate Past President. Previous recipients are also eligible if five (5) or more years have passed since last receiving. No fee paid to Charlotte Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors to participate. 

Michael is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA®), the Investments and Wealth Institute® (IWI®), the Advisor Growth Community (the AGC®), and Kingdom Advisors® (a community of Christian Financial Advisors).

Husband, Father

In his spare time, Michael spends time with his wife, Elizabeth, and their beautiful children, Madeline and Harrison. He also is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is a proud member of First Baptist Church in Rock Hill, SC. He frequently volunteers in various endeavors, including the church’s financial ministry.

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